YOU decide.   2 comments

So today I was walking through the University of Auckland after meeting with a friend, with my mind wandering as it often does. I had a thought enter my mind, that like a stubborn fly has not yet decided to stop buzzing around. It seems like a cheesy one liner but I promise I didn’t just pick this up from a website. The thought was this: the only difference between someone who CAN and someone who DOES is EFFORT. We’re all capable of so much, just so often a laziness consumes us and puts us back into a state of self-absorption and normality. Fight against this; fight towards the best that you can be.


2 responses to “YOU decide.

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  1. So true man, it’s crazy the potential that each and every one of us has to rock this world sideways, if we only chose to do so.

  2. agreed šŸ™‚

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