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Your friend is 20 minutes late for a dinner date and you begin to become rather agitated, sitting alone at a table reserved for two with what feels like a thousand pairs of eyes slicing their burning gaze in your direction. Upon his arrival you feel quite annoyed and outwardly show your frustration. However, he goes on to explain that there had been a car crash en route that had caused significant traffic delays. You immediately loosen up and become sympathetic and understanding. This is a pretty trivial example but it is indicative of a larger problem. We are often too quick to judge if somebody acts in a way that goes against personal expectations and norms. However, under a dissimilar culture and background, and given extenuating circumstances, these actions may be deemed entirely appropriate. One should try to understand somebody’s past to understand their present behaviour. On the surface lies only a shallow representation; look beyond this to truly comprehend someone.


Posted June 30, 2010 by titirangilifechurch/blog in Life's troubles

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