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These are not my own thoughts as such, but something I heard and have expanded upon that I thought is applicable in my life and yours I’m sure also. Conflict situations are nasty; nobody really desires to be in a position where a level of tension exists between themselves and associates. Sometimes when we get into these positions and we feel that the other person has wronged us, there is a certain sentiment that it should not be our own duty or responsibility to try and repair what has happened since we have deemed it a fault not of our own that the conflict came about in the first instance. It’s almost that we feel that justice must be served and that the other person should feel shamed by what they have done, and so by facilitating that peace would be to remove the justice that we feel should be served. It takes a great degree of humility and grace to be able to proactively seek to accept the shortcomings of both of you, but in a way that puts you below the other person. Although we shouldn’t be stood on and allow ourselves to be messed around, we should quell our pride and think always first to seek peace rather than slow the healing process of conflict situations. When you next find yourself in a place of conflict, breathe slowly, open your mind and look to peace rather than exacerbating the tension.


Posted September 3, 2010 by titirangilifechurch/blog in Life's troubles

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  1. Wise words – what a different world we would live in if we could only let the Holy Spirit work his work of grace in our hearts and lives and lean on Him to find forgiveness for all those injustices not to mention humble ourselves enough to recognise the pride in our own lives to seek that justice in the first place! 🙂

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