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This part of the site is reserved for those burning questions. Ever wondered what happens to us when we die? The meaning of life? Our pastor will try to answer your pressing questions as best he can. Keep in mind that your questions and the corresponding answers will be visible to all in the hope that your questions will also answer other persons’ similar queries. Don’t be shy, ask away!


Posted May 10, 2010 by titirangilifechurch/blog

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  1. I walked away from God 25yrs ago. I fell away and although I had contact with many christians I chose to live in silence and returned to a life of sin.
    I hammered myself each night in wishful deceit because I believed that Gods Kingdom was now beyond or past me … … … until now!
    My elderly mum who turned 86yrs old a few weeks ago had a mini stroke around last christmas. Her eye sight in her left eye was affected by the stroke leaving partial vision. God called me back the day I left him. It has taken me 25 years for me to hear his voice. I have many issues to clear away, however one thing I do know:
    I can never go away from God. Thank you for your brilliant site and thank you that you care.

  2. Hi Anaru,

    Really glad that you have come back to the Lord, that’s fantastic! I have also done the walk about thing many, many years ago. It is so good to know though that God never turns his back on us and that he will never leave or forsake us. Sorry to hear about your mom’s situation, my mom is in a similar state, having had a stroke a few years ago, she also has macular degeneration – an eye complication, leaving her nearly blind. Lord please heal and bless us all!

    Thanks for your kind comments about the blog! If you ever want to talk, please feel free to phone me on (09) 624 3436.

    Every blessing,


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