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Faith to move a mountain   Leave a comment

Often we walk this world in such a routine fashion that we forget that God’s spirit is present with us in a very real way, walking delicately with us.  It is easy to forget the true power of God, a power that is ours through Him. Instead of viewing Heaven and Earth as separate, remove the walls that block our ability to take hold of God’s supernatural authority. It’s not a lack of God’s power, or a lack of His desire to move in our lives, but that we often put up mental walls blocking our potential in God. What we perceive as natural limits God’s power. Loosen your mind and do not be trapped by a worldly perception; blur the line between our world and the Kingdom of God and step out in faith as a tool for God’s will.


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In your weakness, you will find strength   1 comment

I have been away for a while now, so forgive me for the fact that there has not been an update on this blog in about 2 weeks. Since being back I’ve also struggled with inspiration. In the past, I believe what has been written for the purpose of this blog has been God inspired. Recently, my mind has been blank, unable to find enough words to fill a post. Instead of forcing an issue, I would rather wait until my words find meaning. However, I will share with you something that God has shown to me over the past 2 weeks or so. One thing I have been struggling with so much in my Christian walk is pride. In this fault, I have often been self-focused. When we become humble to God, putting self second, our life is transformed. I have only begun to understand the meaning of a verse which is so often heard: Romans 12:2 “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Although giving up control is so hard, it is through our vulnerability to God that we become strong. A loss of our own strength for the gain of God’s.

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Take up your cross   Leave a comment

Imagine your best friend had a secret that could change the world; a vision to transform the very existence of life. And then unexpectedly, your best friend tragically dies leaving his vision incomplete. Would you not do anything to fulfil his dream in honour of his existence and to continue the legacy that he had so passionately pursued? Now stop imagining and believe. Jesus left a legacy for us when he came to Earth, a legacy that called man to a life of discipleship. But in this calling we have been given hope and purpose far beyond that of which we could attain in a life pursued for self. Matthew 10:39 says “He that finds his life shall lose it, and he who has lost his life for my sake shall find it.” Our life is not lost when we take up our mission in God, it is only then that our life truly begins.

Christians   Leave a comment

So often there’s this view of Christians being “perfect” people. Thats not helping anyone! It’s far better to be honest with someone and tell them that as a Christian you are struggling just as much, if not more, with life but still striving to be the best you can be through God. We are normal people with normal problems, just like everybody else. Removing ourselves from the world doesn’t help us and it sure doesn’t help the people out there that we’re trying to show God’s love to.

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