How do YOU know that God is real?   2 comments

Please leave a short paragraph or two as a testimony to others of how God is real in your life. When did God become real to you and how?


Posted May 17, 2010 by titirangilifechurch/blog

2 responses to “How do YOU know that God is real?

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  1. I know that God’s real because deaf people don’t just have an immediate and full recovery in their hearing for no reason. Blind people don’t just have full restorations to their vision for no reason. The lame don’t just stand up and walk for no reason. That’s called a miracle, and that’s God.

  2. For me I know that God is real through many life experiences. I have seen miraculous healing in my own body as I used to have terrible kidneys and was supposed to have a transplant at 13 but after a few years the Doc said everything was fine and in his own words said, ” I don’t understand it, it must be a miracle”.

    However, miracles don’t happen to everyone and some may never see one or believe in them for that matter. To such people I would say that I also see the realness of God in creation. When you look up at the stars and realize there has to be more to life, when you look at the complexities of nature, the human body and conclude that this could not have happened through random chance and have sustained itself for thousands of years (or millions of years if you don’t believe the Bible). Regardless of how old you believe the Earth is, the point still stands. There has to have been a creator.

    Draw near to God and he will draw near to you (Psalm 73:28). I think experience is the strongest argument for God. There is a reason why so many Christians believe God is real and that a relationship with Him is possible. I don’t think this verse applies to just Christians either, knowing God is possible but I think more often than not we have to take the first step.

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